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Bamboo Thermal Cup JBK003

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This cup has a double walled stainless interior which is encased with bamboo on the outside to give it a stunning finish. It also has a black mat at the bottom which provides extra friction to prevent the cup from toppling over and also prevents annoying noise from the bottom! The lid has a movable section for drinking and therefore it should not be turned upside down whilst holding as the liquid may leak. The bamboo mug is ideal for coffee, tea, beverage etc. It is easy to use as you can carry it around anywhere you go because of its light weight!. It can be personalised with your brand logo, a nice quote or a precious message. It is perfect for gift-giving among families, people in love on; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagement, Weddings, Token of appreciation and as well as promotional give away items. Each tumbler comes packed in an individual box.

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