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Bamboo Wireless PowerBank

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This 8000mAh power bank is made out of natural and sustainable bamboo with a soft touch polymer finish. It can be charged via both micro USB and type C and supports both wireless charging and charging via USB port by cable. When fully charged, it can re-charge your mobile phone up three times. It also has LED indicators that will show the remaining energy level so you always know when to re-charge. To charge the Power bank, plug the micro USB or type C charger into your wall charger or computer USB port. The USB connector goes to the wall charger and the micro USB or type C goes to the power bank! Use the supplied micro USB cable when charging the power bank to avoid damaging it. To charge your mobile device, plug your cable into the USB port on the power bank and the other end of the cable unto the phone. Your phone will charged to near full capacity in like two hours. For wireless charging, make sure that your phone is compatible for wireless charging, then switch on the power bank using the power button on the sides the place your device on the wireless charging surface of the power bank!. It can be personalised with your brand logo, a nice quote or a precious message. It is perfect for gift-giving to the corporate clients, employees as a Token of appreciation, to friends on their birthdays, anniversaries and as well as promotional give away items.

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