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Overalls are a type of garment used as protective clothing when working, they can be slipped on over other work clothes to offer protection to the body and normal work clothes from getting filthy due to mud. This helps fend off grease and other spills common to a work environment. Overalls also increase the number of storage pockets a worker has at his or her disposal as most overalls come with chest pockets which allow workers to store essential tools in easy-to-reach spots. Overalls are commonly worn by farmers, plumbers, painters, mechanics, and cleaners. We can add a simple logo to it using either screen printing or embroidery techniques. Embroidery however requires payment of a one-time digitisation fee of sh. 50,000/- to computerise your company logo for first time order placements. Screen printing on the other hands requires a fee of sh.30,000/- to make the mesh for printing on the overalls. We can as well help you come up with a more unique and elaborate design if you really want to set your brand apart from the rest. Our high-quality overalls fit your brand and your employees’ preferences perfectly so you can be sure of buying one that is just as durable as it is professional.

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